Make better decisions.

Live a happier life.

"Thanks to Natalie, and her amazing tarot card readings, I've been able to make some fantastic, life-changing decisions with total clarity and grace. I honestly don't know if I would've taken the leaps without the information she provided. Every reading she does always feel so spot on, and she infuses it with high vibes and wisdom. She's seriously the best!"


Welcome to Capricorn Born. I'm Natalie.


My aim is to de-stigmatize tarot's bad rap.

The archetypes and symbols on the cards represent the human experience and are a neutral reflection of your life, like a mirror.


Only the person looking at the reflection judges it; the mirror just reveals what's there.

The choice, the work, the healing, is done by you.

"I seriously went into ending my marriage with total and utter clarity (it was amazing) because of the reading you did for me, and after I did the reading that talked about the importance of stability, I pursued getting a job and I'm now making way more than double what I was making before doing what I enjoy and I'm waaaay happier than I was freelancing. What you do is SO powerful."