Hey, I'm Natalie.

I'm a clarity coach, tarot reader, deck designer...


...and plant & animal nut.

I'm a natural teacher, and I used to teach high school English. My graduate work in Education (MAT, Hamline) was an incredible foundation for coaching.


I started Jennings Photo in 2010, and from 2013 until today, I've run Photo Business Help, a podcast and coaching resource for photographers wanting to grow their businesses.


And then the world stopped.

Natalie Joanne clarity coach

In that crazy, traumatic period, I found the gift of this work. I launched Capricorn Born, a weekly pick-a-card tarot & oracle newsletter that gives you quick little snippets of guidance for your week ahead.


I've always been interested in helping people and the occult & spiritual realms.


After completing my Rapid Rewire certification--a powerful set of tools to integrate stuck identities and emotions--the lightbulb went on:


Why not combine it all?


Here we are. Clarity coach. Tarot reader. Deck creator.


I am here to help you realign with your purpose so you can live a joyful, kickass life.


I was drawn to this work for a few reasons, but the most important is because it works.

Clarity is the bee's knees.

Isn't tarot, like, creepy & weird?


I don't want to know if something terrible is going to happen!

In my corner of the world, I won't predict your future or scare you with eerie warnings. Instead, I'll offer you something much more valuable: a no-nonsense reflection of your life that's like looking into an unbiased mirror.


My mission is to give tarot a fair shake and leave the Hollywood stigmas behind.




Besides tossing out the whole cloak, candle, and crystal ball trope, I want you to understand the cards as a powerful, reflective tool, one that I know you'll love if you give it a try.


You get to interpret what you see.

The choices you make next, the inner work, and healing is entirely up to you.