This is not like the movies.

The cards are here to give you power, not to take it away with creepy predictions about death or terrible things coming your way like in the movies.


My approach to tarot will help you to make better decisions by cultivating a stronger relationship to your intuition and practicing regular reflection.


You hold the power, not the cards.

how it works


First of all, you don't have to "believe in" anything specific for the cards to be a very effective tool.


Whether you think they are random pieces of paper with some ink printed on them, or you feel they are sacred carriers of energy and knowledge that interact with the divine and I'm a direct channel, it doesn't actually matter.


Whatever feels right to you is right for you.


The magic is that it still works.


My job is to interpret the cards and tell you the truth about what I see.


The archetypes and scenes shown on the 78 cards in a traditional deck represent the spectrum of human experiences.


Like ingredients for a recipe, their meanings change depending on what other cards they are paired with, where they are placed in a spread, the question being asked, etc.


There are endless combinations that somehow always come together to reflect back to you what you most need to hear.


This is a non-predictive process. That means I'm not going to pretend I know what's going to happen in your life next, or what might've happened already.


We won't be asking for winning lotto numbers, talking to folks who have passed on, or finding out what someone else thinks about you.


The cards are a neutral reflection of your life, like a mirror. Only the person looking at the reflection judges it; the mirror just reveals what's there. The choice, the work, the healing, is done by you.


Readings are done 1:1 with me via zoom, or in an email exchange (you pose question, I email you a photo of the spread and response).


It's helpful for you to bring a question to the table that we can focus on together. I'll also ask you for a little context.


You can jump in throughout the reading with feedback or thoughts. In fact, I find that this helps you to process what comes up more effectively and walk away with a better reading all around.


Most of my clients like to schedule readings on a quarterly basis, or more often if more support is needed.



"I seriously went into ending my marriage with total and utter clarity (it was amazing) because of the reading you did for me, and after I did the reading that talked about the importance of stability, I pursued getting a job and I'm now making way more than double what I was making before doing what I enjoy and I'm waaaay happier than I was freelancing. What you do is SO powerful."