-Saga Modernai is a 78-card tarot collection and deck by Capricorn Born.


When is each card released?


-Starting with the Fool, each of the 78-cards (the standard number for this type of tarot deck) will be dropped on Aspen. Some weeks more.


How do I get one?


-You can mint your NFT on Aspen and learn about their meanings on the Substack email list


-If you're not into NFTs, you can join the SUBSTACK to stay in the loop.


What is Substack?


-The Substack is Capricorn Born's hub, with info on new cards, what those new cards mean in depth, weekly readings, and more.


The Fool's Journey has begun. Join us.

Embark on tarot's sacred Fool's Journey through the 22 major arcana, and explore the 56 minor arcana as they symbolize all aspects of the human experience. You'll discover insights that will awaken your spirit and illuminate your path by reflecting back to you deep universal truths.


Introducing Saga Modernai, a 78-card tarot deck that combines the magic of AI-generated art, Photoshop composites, the beauty of photography, and hand illustrations. This modern take on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck will transport you to another world.


All 78 cards will be drip-released NFTs starting with the Fool, Key 0.

The full print deck & guidebook will be available in late 2023.


Join us.

Saga Modernai