Saga Modernai Tarot

It's not all AI.


Growing up, I was often found drawing or painting the day away.


I've worked professionally as a photographer since 2010, and since that time, I have grown fairly proficient in Photoshop.


And then AI hit the scene.


The detail I most love about the Saga Modernai collection is that it was created using a combination of photography, hand illustration, and AI, all mixed together in Photoshop.


Each card's symbolism and details (ie, planetary & elemental glyphs) require this to be a multilayered, composite process.


Not just an AI prompt.


I'm not against AI, but I do feel like art is most satisfying for the artist and the observer if it comes from the soul. And I don't think AI can achieve that on its own.


It can take away from other artists by mimicking a style and not giving credit where credit is due.


This emerging deck models the classic Rider-Waite-Smith system featuring 78 cards total.